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Page 2. With 6 Pictures.
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Village Public Safety Officer Samuel L Flyinghorse. Feb 2001--Oct 2003
Page 2. With 6 Pictures.

Various photos of me taken December 2003.

Christmas Day in the mountains with my family.
Samuel on the left and Mother making kebobs. -30F temps outside.

One of Granma's sled dog pups. Cute, tiny and fat.
All the pups grunted and crawled around. They stunk of puppy smell too.

My sister took this photo.
I am a student pilot. One day I will have dual ratings in fixed wing and helicopters.

Sitting by my computer.
Surfing, pc game playing, or else spamming my e-mail contacts.

New pullover for Christmas. New shirt and tie.
Glocks, Baton & knife with flashlight.

My sister took this photo. It was cold outside.
At one of our village dinner events. I pouted because I didn't win the Pinup Calendar raffle.