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YVC Your Village Called!

Village Public Safety Officer Samuel L Flyinghorse. Feb 2001--Oct 2003

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"Somewhere a True Believer is training to kill you.
He is training with minimum food or water, in austere conditions, day and night.
The only thing clean on him is his weapon.
He doesn't worry about what workout to do-his rucksack weighs what it weighs, and he runs until the enemy stops chasing him.
The True Believer doesn't care "how hard it is"; he knows he either wins or he dies.
He doesn't go home at 1700; he is home.
He only knows the Cause. Now, Who wants to quit?"

Some things are genetic.
And although I've rejected Alcoholism I cannot reject the Warrior mentality and traditions of my Lakota culture.
Even now I don't want to sleep at night, I want to stand guard over my family, over my village. 
I had some childhood scuffs and a couple of gradeschool fights, then I started boxing in high school.
I was intrigued by martial arts but I never learned any of that.
Instead I've learned some sobering things about hand to hand combat from my war veteran relatives as a youth.
I entered "man hood" by dropping my first opponent ever at 16 yrs age, when a former stepdad re-entered our lives and then got violent with my mother and sister one day. 
I put an axe handle to his head and he crawled away. I've never been the same since, as that experience changed me.
Years later in the US Navy, a shipmate of mine told me about what SEAL's were doing at the time.
Something called SCARS.
Scientific Combat Aggressive Reactionary Systems.
Today you'll find Scars on the Internet, www.scars.com and an associate of theirs went onto his own system, TFT-Target Focus Training. www.tftgroup.com
In the year 2005 I entered into a Scholarship contest with TFT Group and self-nominated for Educational material they were awarding.
I won a DVD package titled; Joint Breaking.
I am impressed by the materials and incorporated it with what I presently know regarding hand-to-hand combat.
I'd trust anything these two companies have to say about the sciences of combat.
Because of my hands on practice with SCARS I'm just not afraid of anybody in a violent situation.
I'm sure the influence of the Church in my life plays a big part of that, with the Holy Ghost helping to guide me in dealing with people if I am listening! Righteousness is it's own Protection.
Such hard training gives you knowledge and also takes away the fear. Perhaps that's why I responded to those gun calls so quickly back in the Village when I was VPSO.
I knew I would be ok, I knew what to do with violent people and was always in control of myself.
I can't say enough about SCARS / HCS and TFT Group.
So what ever you choose to train in. It has to be real, cold and methodical precise science.
Nothing fancy, just simple breaking moves and kill shots.
Accept nothing less than such training because your life depends on it.
I passed a milestone long ago at age 16 when I defended my Mother and Sister.
Because you have to do things mentally first before you do things physically. And due to the instruction of my older relatives I was mentally visualizing what I wanted to do and then practicing physically.
Then in an emergency when my family needed me-the physical part was easy.
And afterwards, I dealt with my feelings honestly, knowing that I did the right thing in protecting my family.
Should I come upon the next milestone of killing someone, I will reluctantly do so. And I will do it quickly.
For I know that every life is sacred, but I also know that not every life has chosen to be good as I have.
Peace.  Samuel L. Flyinghorse

19 April 2005
Glock 36 iwb with hollowpoints

Monthly Picture time
Working out and Running keeps me slim, Now if I could just fix the Nose.

Displaying How I Carry my Tools
Membership has it's privileges.

24 hr 7 day Concealed and Open Carry.

I keep my Village kids on the right path.
Blade or else Fire arm in Small of Back carry.

Like girlfriends, 2 Weapons are all I can handle.

Tools of the Trade.
A good Wilderness Belt to Hold UP the pants I wear in the family!!

Self Picture
Another Carry display

Safely handling my chosen tools DAILY is an obsession.
It's also necessity. My shotgun was feeling shy so I didn't take her picture that day.
I also take time to keep up on my Life Saving skills as well.
For my VPSO calling and training said, that I also do EMT service.
And my Alaska designated training of ETT (emergency trauma technician) is below EMT in ranking. But through the years I've read medical books, browsed medical libraries and just devoured that stuff.
I carry weapons and medical gear everywhere I go. And if I could obtain medicinal drugs to use on people I would but I can't.
So I have to make do with what tools and training I currently have with me.
I take great pride in my Massage Therapy years in Seattle.
Us massage students knew all the systems of the body and studied advanced subjects too.
I just took some things even further.
What ever you study and choose to be. Do the best job.