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YVC Your Village Called!

Village Public Safety Officer Samuel L Flyinghorse. Feb 2001--Oct 2003

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VPSO summer 2001 by the River.
In my Office, This day was quiet, no activity. Had just rained.

He was the 2002 New Years Baby!!
I was with the youth and children by the River.

End of swim time for that day for us. I swam too.
A few of the Village kids I gave time too each summer.

Officer Sam at one TCC Inc event in Fairbanks.
What can Brown do to You today!??

In my Lodge room.
Resting before going out on Night patrol.

In my Lodge room, different day. Put up the flag.
Still patriotic I am, the children called me "Uncle Sam".

AK Peace Officer's Association gathering event.
Another VPSO & I at the AK Salmon Bake in Fairbanks.

Just some pictures from time working in theVillage.
I cherish the good memories I made and at least know that the bad events also made me stronger.
I found a safe place on earth for a season. And I helped make it a better place.

Recently I've tried to get back into Village Public Safety by going back to work for a Native non-profit somewhere in AK and going back to a village.
But it seems that my old village of Minto and my employer; TCC Inc are telling people bad things about my time in the Village.
And the recent AK State Trooper VPSO Director who is currently in charge of the state-wide VPSO program has decided NOT to have me back in uniform because he believes what he is told.
And nobody bothered to inform me of anything being said and to ask my opinion of things. I've heard many stories about why I left the village and of what happened after I left, etc. Bad people just gossip and character assassinate.
So it seems that for now, I can't ever get into VPSO uniform again and perhaps I'll never be an AK state trooper either.
Oh well. It's not the end of the world. And if I'm ever needed in an emergency involving a former villager or TCC associate or even AST, I will help whomever needs help. I don't hold grudges. 
Even though, in today's work and political climate, accusations and allegations are enough to stop the careers and work of dedicated people, Those of us that are truly doing positive things and touching people's lives will never be stopped.
I was depressed for a day and back to my usual optomistic self again. 
Memories like these photos keep me going each day. The children were great. I took my Navy swimming skills and scuba diving skills and used them to watch the kids.
I'm glad that I didn't lose any one to the water in my village when I was riverside. How ever I did lose 1 man while on my Watch out there in the Village.
This young man was drinking and boating with friends miles from the village. He fell out of the boat and surfaced 3 times and went under for good.
I wasn't there onscene when this event happened but in some way I accept my part in being responsible because I should have been there to stop them from drinking and boating.
But I had no boat that summer to use and was elsewhere in the village doing business when news came of his death.
I hope that none of the village children ever grow up to be alcoholics and druggies, behaving dysfunctionally and criminally.
I believe in them and know that a few will remember me when they are old.

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