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YVC Your Village Called!

Village Public Safety Officer Samuel L Flyinghorse. Feb 2001--Oct 2003

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Feb 2005 3Miles South of the Village
Weighted backpack, water, camera. Took a rest.

Birds of a Feather
They squawk when we eat chicken, but chirp in joy when we watch "The Birds", the Cats are scared!!

Some More Pictures.

Our two cats, LEO and Fluffy sleeping on my bed.

A young Sled dog pup.
Scabbers the friendly Mutt, It's a Harry Potter name.

Winter 2004 My sister and her puppy.
He was just a baby then, spoiled mutt.

Overkill Don't You Think???
I made his jacket and booties. I could outrun him too.

Underneath the Fur all wet creatures look small.
Soon he would outgrow such attentions and live outside.

Update Jan 2006.
Our little blue bird, the Male, died in 2004.
We obtained another blue male and he died also.
We still have the white female. She chirps incessantly. We love her.
My two cats are still with us. Leo and Fluff. 
They are now both Nuetered!!  Blame Mama for that decision, not me.
And Shayne's little puppy we gave away.
I insisted upon keeping the Jacket and Booties.

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