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YVC Your Village Called!

Village Public Safety Officer Samuel L Flyinghorse. Feb 2001--Oct 2003

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Village Children. Alaska's future investments.
15 reasons to be in Public Safety here in AK.

Playing Dodgeball with the boys.
They're deadly with headshots. Play at your own risk.

Dodgeball victims.
Village chicks rule in the gym.

Village Crafts on display.
Drums, dolls, gloves, mukluks, hats.

Building fire with Flint & Steel.
Days later..Hmmm. How'd that house fire start?!!??

Village vandals disgrace Village Pride.Summer 2003
Lodge room, VPSO office & Patrol car, even my truck.

I know that behind every mean, hardened criminal personality there once was an innocent child.
When I transported violent criminals to jail from theVillage I was often tired and worn out.
Perhaps then it was divine Inspiration that let me Glimpse each of my prisoners as they were when Once they were children.
Or perhaps it was just my Own built in Safety ingrained into my Personality.
I like to think that it was Both these things.
Children are our Most Precious asset. We must protect them and guide them, Punish them fairly and Love them even More.

Children are precious to me. Alaska village children are unique.
They don't grow up in big cities and towns, they reside in remote villages and often are related Somehow to their classmates.
At first a few children never even looked at me, were shy around me. But soon they warmed up to me and accepted me.
I remember one little girl in the Village laughing at me one day. I had worn my VPSO brown baseball cap. How I hate ball caps. But that day I wore it and this little girl that was so shy, just looked at me and cracked up. "You look funnie!" she chirped and ran off.
Some teens and young adults, I had to arrest and keep an eye on, were FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) afflicted.
In some ways they just couldn't help being the way they were even if they were criminal. I at least gave them that benefit.
Some things like FAS and DV (Domestic Violence), and SAA (Sex Assault & Abuse) aren't addressed in the villages.
Alcohol is a factor in every criminal case in the village, and all other evils that went on were hand in hand with alcohol. I never could find one without the other.
These epidemics will continue and will be visited upon future generations until everybody chooses to accept these problems and deal honestly with them.
Some people need to change their lives and their behavior. That's another reason why I loved the village children so much, because they were pure.

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