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YVC Your Village Called!

Village Public Safety Officer Samuel L Flyinghorse. Feb 2001--Oct 2003

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A newly built community hall.
It went up as overall Morale went down.

One beautiful smile from a young village beauty.
One of several trusted village youth.

Another Village Beauty.

Some times I cut hair when asked.
I worked on her hair.

As gorgeous as AK wildreness scenery is.
It doesn't compare to even one AK Native female.

village Mother's
Beautiful inside and out.

Minto VPSO in Office.
Behind me is the Holding Cell. Beside me is the Warbag.

Women and children are dear to me.
I've seen the best that women can do and have seen them at their worst as well.
It is not fun to respond to assaults or parties in progress and find battered women or else nude, unconscious, drunk young girls.
When I was in theVillage it hurt me deeply to see that most of the young women would grow up in dysfunction and abuse,
that alcohol would eventually erase the innocence and the beauty of each girl.
All i could do was my Job and know that I did affect a few young lives for the better by my example.
At first when I came to the Village. Not many of the mothers accepted me. In fact a few of them took their infants and children away from me and glared at me.
Some women took to calling me Pervert because of my interest in the children and youth. And in a few lives of my persecutors I did hear of such Abuse and Neglect that they endured growing up.
I was not so judgemental or so offended after hearing of these things. And most of the women did also warm up to me and become friendly.
A few people took offense at me just because I was tall and handsome, had a clean conscience and more life experience than the whole village combined for 10 generations!
I was something that their sons, husbands were not and for most people, could never be.
So naturally some people were just jealous.
It's ok with me if this happens. For I too can envy. And if I feel that I want something then I have to work to obtain it if it is something that will be good for me.
It's that simple.
I also post some children and young mother pics as highlights of my Alaska village experience.  I've held many infants and toddlers to comfort. Held many females in crisis and emergency.
Certainly the Native women and the white women that marry into Native family's are the most beautiful women in my eyes.  
To cross cultures and break down barriers and build bridges like that certainly has my undying respect and admiration. 

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